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Organic: my passion

Who is Lisa?

Lisa was born in Cavallino-Treporti in 1986, a town nearby Venice that goes along the Adriatic see for 12 km.

At first Lisa wanted to become a bartender in a luxury hotel, but the difficulty to have a fixed-term employment led her to study to become beatician.

At IPEA Lisa studied cosmetics, ingredients, skin anatomy and she had the first approach with nature and plants.

Since than moment Lisa has considered the importance of plants on the body and she wanted to improve her knowledge about it.

When she was 28, Lisa left Italy to live in the Netherlands, where she opened a beauty salon in Eindhoven, named "Beauty voor haar voor hem".

"We can get everything out from the nature for our needs" Lisa says "From food, to remedies in case of illness and up to the care of our skin. The ingredients of natural origin are the only ones which the skin recognizes as a friend and that, therefore, the skin absorbs. This is why it's important to pay attention to the cosmetic products we choose."

But how does the human body accept naturally derived ingredients? That's because we find types of molecules in plants, which the human body already consists. Therefor the body doesn't see them as an intruder.

"I have noticed over the years" continues Lisa "that the results with a constant use of natural cosmetic products are more lasting over time. The skin is an organ and it simply needs of constant attention, as any another organ of the body, which in order to function optimally needs a healthy lifestyle."

LB cosmetic products mainly use medicinal plants that have grown in the area around Etna (Sicily). The cosmetic laboratory Etna Cosmesi, is also located in the same area.
The officinal plants that we have used are from local origin and made with organic farming, so it can practically be said that LB cosmetics are "0 km".
The mediterranean area has a favorable climate and land for the growth of plants and their active ingredients. At the time of the Romans, the sea and the lands that includes the mediterranean area were opportunities for trade and exchange of cultures because of this good climate.
LB cosmetic products are composed of natural phytocosmetic products. Therefor parabens aren't included as preservatives, SLS, synthetic dyes and PEGs. The surfactants used in our cleansing products have a low index of skin irritation derived from glucose and coconut. There are no Achyl Sulphates in these products. We also don't test on animals.

LB cosmetic products

Lisa explains that when she studied the multiple properties of Olive oil, she started dreaming about her ability of being able to create her own cosmetic line based on this ingredient. Most skin problems coming from excessive dehydration of the skin. Our products also include vitamins A, E and D, omega 3 and 6, polyphenols for the needs of a dehydrated skin.

LB cosmetics products also include Aloe vera as the first ingredient in many of its creams. Aloe vera is now known by all its qualities, such as a nourishing, refreshing and calming property. Aloe vera mixed with Olive oil creates the right match for a dry skin with redness in it.

Pictures from L'Essenza degli Iblei - Canicattini Bagni (SR) Italy

Pictures from Azienda Agricola Patea - Brancaleone (RC) Italy

Patea is specialized in the transformation of essential oils extracted from Bergamot, the spherical citrus fruit of the genus Citrus that grows almost exclusively along the Ionian coast of Calabria and for this reason has received the DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) recognition from the European Union.

"Biocosmesi" certification

Most of LB cosmetic products have obtained the "Biocosmesi" certification from the Italian control and certification body Suolo e Salute.
Suolo e Salute was founded in 1969 and has been authorized by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry for inspections and certification in organic farming and production in 1992. The field of activity, in addition to the cosmetic one, also extends to other certification schemes in the agrifood and environmental sectors.

To obtain the Biocosmetics certification of Suolo e Salute, strict controls are carried out not only on the cosmetic itself, but on the entire production chain.